Spanish                   Mecánica Gráfica S.A

An over-15-year-experience company in the specialization of the design and manufacture of machines for paper and flexible material conversion.
Our goal is to render services to all industries within graphic and converting industry, thus making up a dynamic and interactive team for those who need a global and reliable service.
Respect for the customer’s requirements, permanent technological innovation, versatility in all our products, fulfillment of deadlines, qualification for the project and development of any kind of machines and special systems regard Mecánica Gráfica Argentina as a first-level company.
Our commitment lies in the integration between production and service and the improvement of quality, price and cost.
You can rely on our responsibility and absolute guarantee for all our products.
Supported by these qualities we have managed to go beyond our frontiers, not only marketing our products in Latin America but also in the China Republic.
And our challenge is still going on...